“Dress How You’d Like to be Addressed” Basic Style Tips for the Tall Man

Your personal style is an extension of your personality, and in many instances even speaks for you before you’ve uttered a word. Every day we get up and get dressed our attire has the ability to make or break a mood and when we’re dressed our best it translates the mood and we feel better about ourselves! I’ve worked in the healthcare field for 17yrs, so typically my work attire has consisted of scrubs, t-shirts, and sweats.
Beyond wearing clothing that makes you feel good it’s imperative that we TALL guys choose clothing that fits us properly. Proper fitting clothing can also make or break a nice ensemble. As many of us have experienced -if it doesn’t fit well you may be uncomfortable and it will show in the way you present yourself. Having a good tailor on stand by is a must.
Heres a few basic style tips for "The TALLS":
1.Play with layers. Clothes for tall men should add mass and subtract height.This means looking for lots of horizontal components, stripes, and layered clothing help that add lines going across the body. Skip your morning frappe and save money to have your favorite pieces tailored to fit.
2. The biggest mistake tall men make is buying baggy ill-fitted clothes with vertical lines. Opt out on king-sized shirts and baggy pants: it’s about the worse thing you can wear. Everything should be closely fitted to prevent looking like your drowning in your clothing. Excess clothing will balloon where it’s tucked or billow where it’s untucked which will appear sloppy and ill fitting.
3. Make sure footwear is in proportion with your ensemble. When you’re working with trimmer profiles so in many scenarios, your shoes shouldn’t have a lot of mass in them. You need a shoe that offers a sleek look. One of my principal pet peeves regarding footwear on taller guys with larger feet is lacing your shoes up so tightly it makes your foot appear longer!

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