“TALL AND DOPE” Designer Spotlight w/ Ramona O.

In creating rahmosley.com I wanted to have a site that not only catered to TALL men, but a place where I’m able to connect with designers who cater to us TALLS as well! This weeks designer spotlight is on the creator of TaLL TaLes by Ramona O., Ramona Okonya is a native and a resident of Atlanta, Ga. She created the "TALL and DOPE", t-shirt line which also includes hoodies, snapbacks, and iPhone cases. The "TALL and DOPE" movement is growing and Ramona is also working to create more merchandise! If your interested in ordering some items go to talltalesbyramonao.com.

Model: Charles G. Vest: Levis
Shirt: ASOS TALLS Jeans: Levis 501
Jeans: Levis 501 Shoes: Cole Haan
Shoes: Air Jordan
Photography: Sharif K.
Grooming: Lester B.
Creative Direction: Oli W.

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