Spring Time!!

Many tall guys have a tendency to dislike shopping and usually remain hell-bent to the design of purchasing the same types and brands of clothing over and over again. It’s not very likely you will find many men in general who spend much time on the ideology of seasonal colors, or patterns and print. I’ve found that giving different hues a try come with many rewards. I mean I did wear a maroon-ish-burgundy suit to the prom (destined to be Morehouse Man)!

On me: .
Shirt: Calvin Klein
Jeans: Double RL
Belt: CaVi
Shoes: Cole Haan
Model: Charles G.
Shirt: Perry Ellis
Jeans: Levis 501
Belt: Coach
Shoes: Sandro Moscoloni
Photography: Sharif K.
Grooming: Lester B.

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