What a Girl Wants #WAGW

When I created rahmosley.com the tall men’s lifestyle blog I wanted different aspects of lifestyle to be included in content. I wanted everyone to take away something from visiting the site. One day I was having a conversation with one of my Spelman sister’s and we came up with an ideal to start a monthly segment which she would write for called, "What a Girl Wants", and this monthly feature will consist of scents women like on men from colognes, oils, body washes, and etc.
So here it goes……..
What a Girl Wants #WAGW
Let’s talk fragrances, specifically cologne.
Many women dig it when a man smells good. From personal experience, there is something about the scent of a pleasant smelling cologne that speaks to the senses while still displaying “masculinity”. When a man takes the time to complete his outfit with the tiny detail of a few splashes of fragrances, it most definitely makes an impression! Women notice. Not only will a woman ask she for the name of the cologne you are wearing, she may even ask to “sniff” you!
So, what exactly is cologne? Well, cologne is actually perfume! Don’t fret, let’s break it down a bit more. When you look at bottles of fragrances, they are most commonly labeled as one of the following; Eau de cologne( EDC), Eau de Toilette(EDT) or Eau de Parfum (EDP). These labels indicate the concentration of perfume (essence) oil present, with the remainder being alcohol.
EDC contains the lowest concentration of perfume oil and EDP has the highest concentration of perfume oil. EDT falls in the middle. There is also parfum extract perfume absolute), which contains mostly perfume oil with little or no alcohol present. Parfum extract provides the best scent payoff, however it is extremely costly and isn’t the easiest to obtain. Therefore, this post will focus on EDC, EDT, and EDP.
When purchasing a fragrance, you should buy either EDT or EDP. Apply the fragrance to your wrists or neck for maximum scent payoff. DO NOT GO OVERBOARD!!! Too much, or too strong of a fragrance will turn people away! Wrists and the neck are considered “hot” spots on the body. Therefore, these areas give off a lot of heat due to blood circulation. This means you can use less product on those areas, because heat will protrude the scent from those areas. The “deeper” the scent, the less you need to use. For lighter scents, it is ok to use an extra spray or two. Just don’t over do it!
Keep in mind, because a certain scent smells pleasant on a friend, does not mean it will smell the same on you! How a fragrance will smell on you, will depend on your individual, natural skin chemistry. Try before buying! If you are in a store and find a scent you want to try before committing to an entire bottle, ask for a sample. Sephora is one retailer, who offers this service.
Body fragrance is not a “one size fits all” product. Depending on the time of year, and, or time of day, some scents will be more suitable than others. Always ask yourself, “Is this the best scent to wear for this situation?” Think of it in terms of, day versus evening and summer versus winter. So, you don’t have to be committed to just one fragrance. It is good to have a few fragrance favorites on hand. Having options is ALWAYS an excellent idea!
Since the term “cologne” refers to the concentration of perfume(essence) oil present, technically perfume and cologne are one in the same. The mixture of oils is what determines the depth or lightness of a fragrance. As of late, many brands have been marketing men’s fragrances as EDP. So, when shopping for a new scent, if you see Eau de Parfum, it is okay! It just means you are buying a higher concentrated scent that will last longer because you will use less during each application.
A few examples of men’s fragrances available as an Eau de Parfum are, Bleu de CHANEL by CHANEL, Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani, The One for Men by Dolce and Gabbana, and Orris by Commodity. If you see a “cologne” labeled as an Eau de Parfum, just remember the label is referencing the concentration of perfume oil present.

Now that we’ve broken down how fragrances are labeled, why not go out and try a new scent? Remember, the “deeper” the scent, the less you need to use. Lighter scents will allow you to use a smidge more product if needed. Women will definitely complain if you smell like you poured an entire bottle of fragrance on yourself! It’s terribly off putting! All you need is a spray or two on your wrists or neck for maximum scent payoff. A dash on your clothing is acceptable as well.
Finding a new individual scent should be an enjoyable experience. Always try before you buy! Just because a fragrance smells good on a friend, does not equate to it smelling the same on you. Take the step and remember to add the detail of an appropriate scent to complete the look you are aiming for. A small bottle of fragrance can have a big impact on your individual presentation.
Below, you will find links to some of the fragrances mentioned in this post. Cheers to being “sniffable”!
Links to Fragrances mentioned in this post:

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