4 Workout Tips for Tall Lifters

TALL men who lift experience many different challenges when training. Smart training will ensure you avoid setbacks and make your workout deliver the proper challenge need for your muscles to grow. Since our bodies are built differently, we can’t always do things so easily that our stocky male counterparts can. By following the useful tip I’ve listed below you can build strength and gain muscle despite how long limbed and tall you are.

Bend the Rules = Build More Muscle
1. Dont ever think of your longer legs as a curse. They actually can work in your favor, having long legs are perfect for the leg extension. If you take into consideration that the weight is farther from you, you’re increasing muscle activity and creating a bigger pump.
2. Pull Ups = winning the single best movement for a tall man to build size and strength in their back. This is also good for tall lifters who would like to add size in their forearms and biceps. For the past couple of weeks I’ve began to incorporate pull ups in every workout doing 15-20 before getting started.
3. Poor ankle mobility will be the enemy when it comes to squatting, and you’ll always be limited in how low you can go. Tall guys with long legs need the knees to track forward past the toes (no, it’s not a bad thing) in order to maintain proper geometrical balance when squatting a barbell. Not paying attention to this will take plenty of load off the leg muscles and replace it with compensatory low back stress due to the altered form. To stretch your ankles, do moves like step-ups, calf raises or a rocking ankle mobilization.
4. Don’t let lifting heavy numbers stress you, A 6’6”, 255lb. guy squatting the equivalent of his body weight on the bar, won’t have the same ease as a 5’7 160lb guy doing the same thing. Taller guys have to travel much further in both directions, creating much more work (force x distance) performed per rep. Don’t beat yourself up when it comes to strength maxes. Train to stimulate your muscles, and strive for your own PR’s.

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