Shop Tall: 8 brands that accommodate Tall Men

I’m not sure which amazes people more the fact that I’m TALL, or that I’m a educated non-athlete, who’s able to walk/talk at the same time and manages to still get dressed up for y’all on occasions (lol). Long before landing my first retail job at ‘Casual Male Big & Tall’, after quitting my first job at Taco Bell in 10th grade, I was a young black male addicted retail. Plus my mom made me start buying some of my own clothing, because raising an abnormal size teen became expensive.
Since then, I began to seek out clothing that I liked, since I was able to buy what I wanted and not what my mother was picking for me (even though she picked nice stuff). I knew at a young age that not only was I not like everyone else but, I didn’t want to dress like them either. Back in the 90’s it was a little more challenging finding things fashionable for someone my size. I shopped around all over for clothing from every where such as JC Penney catalog (big and tall), Merry-GO-Round, Jeans West, JR Riggins, etc…
Fast forward to now there’s a bigger market for clothing for us taller guys to choose from. Most men over 6’3′ tend to have a hard time finding clothing that’s longer opposed to wider. I still like to shop around and find items that reflect my own individual personal style. I tend to purchase items that are classics and can be worn for years to come, oppose to trendy looks. I’ve composed a list of some of my top places to shop that offer longer lengths; whether it’s online or in store shopping.
1. Polo Ralph Lauren (both in-store and online)

2. Rochesters Big and Tall & Destination XL (both in-store and online)

3. Gap/Banana Republic/Old Navy (online mostly for longer length jeans)

4. American Eagle Outfitters (online longer length jeans)

5. ASOS Talls (mobile app & online)

6. Macy’s

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