The Dress Sneaker

When it comes to shoe brand of choice lately Cole Haan continues to be the winner. I used to be absolutely in love Kenneth Cole, but it appears that Ken no longer makes shoes over a size 13, (I wear a 15) or least not ones I’m interested in purchasing. Which leads me back to the dress sneaker revolution that Cole Haan is seemingly surpassing other designers in especially with the creation of the Men’s GrandPro Tennis Sneaker.

Cole Haan has redefined the term "less is more" this sneaker is one that could pass as an oxford and can be paired with a suit for a casual look. It’s non existent sporty details gives the shoes a dress-shoe quality. This light weight 8.8oz shoe is very impressive and made for comfort.

Cole Haan GrandPro Tennis Sneaker, $130, available at

With the summer travel season well under way, If you’re trying to find the perfect shoe to fit into that weekend bag with clothing, which for me can sometimes be an extra bag or two because of my shoes alone. These will come in handy as they are light and easy to pack. Also they come a variety of colors that you can pair with many day-to-evening looks and are sold up to a size 16!!

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