The Look: The Banded Collar

I’ve always considered my style to be classic and casual, I tend to stick to things that can be worn for times to come. It’s rare that you will see me in trendy pieces or logo heavy items, my goal is to never look like a walking billboard for a designer!! <laughs>

Now if I’m modeling something that may be different case, I like clean cut looks and items that can be worn almost anywhere. These shots were taken a few weeks ago but this banded collar button-up from Old Navy has become one of my favorites, paired with some white-tapered leg jeans you can’t go wrong.

Banded Collar Button-Up: Old Navy

White Jeans: Calvin Klein

Shoes: Cole Haan

Beard Grooming: Dexter

Grooming: Lester Bailey @lesterthemua

Photos by: Chase Reign

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