The Last Days of Summer Part 1

As the summer days are beginning to dwindle down, everyone is heading back to school, and the weather will soon start to change. It’s time to start getting those last wears out of your favorite tees, tanks, and shorts! What are some of your favorite summer items? Mines would definitely be denim shorts, vintage rocker tees, and a few good tank tops are always on the must-have summer list.

Before you start getting your fall gear together, which in most instances, especially here in the south you wont be able to wear some fall specific items for a few months. More than likely what you will be still wearing for the next couple of months are your favrorite shorts. Late summer is probably the best time to buy a new pair of shorts. And there’s still lots of great shorts (some on sale!) still up for copping.

End of summer is also the best time to get light-weight graphic tee’s and tanks! I like to stock up on rocker graphic t-shirts and solid color tanks that can be worn years from now. Walmarthas a great selection of the rocker tee’s which is probably the only thing clothing wise I would purchase from them.

Some of my top places to find tall shorts (longer lengths) on sale now that cater to taller men are; Destination XL, Old Navy, Banana Republic, and GAP.

Photos: Chase Reign

On Ray:

Shirt: Walmart Graphic Tee’s

Shorts: GAP

Shoes: Adidas


Shirt: Walmart Graphic Tee’s

Shorts: Nike

Shoes: Converse All Stars

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