The Last Days of Summer Part 2

Labor Day weekend is upon us, and as we all know it’s considered the last hooray for the summer! The summer heat in Atlanta has already began to cool down a little, or at least for the past couple days, and I must say it feels great!

As we transition into the fall weather, mix-matching summer and fall wardrobe items can be fun. The tricky part about the weather here in the south, is that we experience summer like weather up until late October sometimes. You may start the day off with a nice warm hoody, but by the end of the day you’re down to a t-shirt or maybe even a tank.

Staying cool is always the goal, I was able to put together these easy and comfortable looks with items from Old Navy, Levis,Cole Haan, and Nike.

Photos By: Chase Reign

On Ray:

Hoodie: Old Navy

Shorts: Levis

Shoes: Cole Haan


Hoodie: Old Navy

Shorts: Old Navy

Shoes: Nike

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