Wearing White After Labor Day

Everyone, let’s be honest… this fashion rule of not wearing white after Labor Day has been bended, stretched and broken, time and time again.

I wonder often, does it really matter?

I mean Lisa-Raye wears all white every day. While I don’t suggest anyone, especially my accident-prone self try that, there are plenty of ways you can still wear white jeans and other white styles throughout the year.

White jeans can be worn in the winter months, if paired with colors/clothing of that same season. I would also advise staying away from white distressed jeans in the winter, because that look can definitely be seen as a summer look. Also, depending on your location, it’s too cold for it.

Polo Classic Fit Chino (available in longer lengths)

White shoes can pull just about any look together. Yet the only white shoe I would suggest wearing in the winter months would be a white leather one, preferably lace-up! Anything outside of that, such as sandals, slip-ons or a boat shoe, definitely gives summer vibes.

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White jackets, depending on the material, can also be worn in the colder months. Lightweight white jackets are perfect transitional layering pieces that can be worn into fall.

1969 Icon Denim Jacket (available in tall sizes)

Lastly when it comes to wearing white suits in the fall/winter months, my suggestion is wearing them only if you’re in a winter white wedding.

What are some of your favorite white styles to wear in the colder months? Do you adhere to the rule of not wearing white after Labor Day? I would love to hear some feed back either email me at rah.mosleystyle@gmail.com, or feel free to leave a comment on Facebook shared post. I’m working getting the comments feature added on the site, be patient with me.

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