The 25 Most Stylish Black Men in Fashion

As 2017 is quickly coming to an end I constantly find myself in awestruck at the growth of my blog. I’ve always had a passion for dressing nice and the fashion industry. Never in million years would’ve I have thought anyone would take notice of my sense of style outside of my family and close friends. Which brings me here, being include in list of, "The 25 Most Stylish Black Men In Fashion", by Nigel Isaiah!

I’m so humbled and thankful to be included on this list so many other dope black men in fashion, special shout out to my Morehouse Brother, Jovel Roystan who also makes an appearance on the list!

*click on the picture to view full list.

Thank you again Nigel for including me in this list of stylish black men in fashion! What do you guys think of this list? See any familiar faces?

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