10 Surefire Tips For Keeping Your Fitness Plan On Track During The Holidays

The Holiday season is here and it’s so easy to skip a day or two at the gym. The hardest part is not letting those couple of skipped days turn into weeks. We’ve made it through Thanksgiving now it’s time to regain focus for the remainder of the year. While it could be a daunting task juggling all the holiday parties, maintaining work performance, keeping up family & friends, and making time to hit the gym.

For some the gym is usually last on the list, and the first on the to do list to fall by the waist side. Having a workout partner who will support and motivate you will definitely be helpful for the month of December!

Ray and I have composed some tips for being a great workout partner and for beginners to help you get through the winter months

5 tips to be a great workout partner:

1. Know when to spot. (make them work a little for the burn)

2. When to pull back and prevent any injuries.

3. Be on time! (finding a good workout partner can be difficult respect each others time)

4. Teamwork (be encouraging & motivate)

5. Research new movements and workouts (changing things up is always good)

Ray’s Top 5 Tips for beginners:

1. Have realistic goals! (To many people set a goal that are not attainable (I.g. Wanting a 6 pack in 30 days)

2. Stay consistent (remember Rome wasn’t built over night!)

3. Leave your ego at the door. (I see way too many guys lifting with their egos and never seeing any results because of improper lifting….)

4.“Look good so u can play/feel good” take pride in your gym clothes don’t have to look like a bum just because your sweating!!! LoL

5. Believe in YOURSELF!!!!!! You will be surprised how powerful belief is! Just give 100% an you’ll crush ur goals in no time!

Photos by: Chase Reign

All Workout Gear by: NIKE

Hopefully these tips can be used by everyone and implemented into your daily routines. Ray & I are both certified personal trainers feel free to email any questions you may have to rah.mosleystyle@gmail.com we would love to hear some feedback!

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