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Everyone should feel growth within themselves every year as you age, if not you’re doing something wrong. There’s many ways to grow and some may mature in certain areas much faster than others, while some stay the same. I’m walking into my 40’s (yes I turned 40, March 8th) with a heightened sense of self-awareness that I never had before, and it’s an amazing feeling.

In an effort to be totally transparent, I can honestly say I’ve spent most of my life being okay with fading into the background or blending in for fear of acheiving success and not being able to maintain expectations. Often times I’ve discounted my own worth in areas of career, relationships, and friendships. I’ve learned many hard lessons in doing so and I won’t be making those mistakes again. It’s weird because as I am typing this and getting it all out it’s like a therapy session.

As you may have figured it out by now I am this month’s “The TALLK”, interviewee, and I have two very special people who will be interviewing me in honor of my birthday month and they just so happen to be two of my best friends Morlon (brother) & Kenya (sister).

When was the first time you realized you were tall? How did your height make you different?

I’ve been tall pretty much all my life but I believe the very first time I realized it dates back to kindergarten. I was the tallest kid in my class and appeared to be outta place, like more of a first or second grader!!

What’s the most annoying question or questions you get asked as a tall person?

1. How tall are you?

2. Who do you play for?

3. Why didn’t you go pro?

How did your height impact your life differently than others?

I think that being tall definitely has a way of garnering more attention so it definitely impacted my life in that aspect. I was very clumsy growing up as it pertained to sports and truthfully was never interested in being an athlete.

What are some of your biggest challenges when it comes to shopping?

My biggest challenge when it comes to shopping has always been LENGTH!! I always run into length issues, finding a nice coat I really like but the sleeves are too short! Trying to play it off like maybe if I just wear a long sleeve shirt or button up under the coat it will kinda sorta take away from the fact that the sleeves are a little too short lol (that method almost never worked)

How would you describe your style?

I would describe my style in many different ways. While I love to keep it as casual as possible, I also love to dress up and be fitted!! But since my daily work attire consist of medical scrubs I don’t always get to dress in ways that I would like (which I plan to be changing really soon, stay tuned). A part of me would also love to wear NIKE WORKOUT GEAR ALL DAY EVERYDAY. I absolutely love every thing about Nike Sportswear!

What are some brands that you always wear?

I have so many favorite clothing brands and I love to mix high and low end items.

1. Ralph Lauren Polo

2. Levi’s Jeans

3. Karl Kani

4. American Rag

5. Cole Haan

6. Nike

7. Gap/Banana Republic/Old Navy

8. Calvin Klein

9. Micheal Kors

10. Lucky Brand

11. Many many more…….

What are your top 5 fashion must-haves as a tall guy?

1. Great pair of fitted jeans.

2. A drawer of plain nicely fitted basic tees. (v-necks, pocket tees, light-weight, strips and etc.)

3. Comfortable casual dress shoes that can be dressed up or down and also worn with jeans.

4. Tailored Button Ups

5. Cardigan/Light-weight sweaters

Morlon: Well lets change up the interview a little… I want to start by asking you what do you see in the immediate future for

Well I hope to form partnerships with other brands soon. I’m working on a t-shirt line which I hope to have up on the website soon. Also, just overall expansion of the lifestyle side, working with more content creators, writers, and definitely more vlog content on the youtube channel.

Kenya: What advice would you give to young men who are looking up to you?

I think the most important advice I’d give young men is to pursue any and all of their dreams. I’d also encourage furthering education, theres so many lessons to be learned in college, that extend beyond the classroom.

Morlon: Growing up we’ve had so many good memories especially being, “Army Brats”, and all. What was some of your favorite times?

Aaaah good question, I think the times we went to the DYA Dances on Ft. Lewis, that were held monthly for the teens. I remember dancing all night leaving out sweaty than a mutha!! Also I remember staying out past curfew and having to sneak home before getting caught by the MP’s (Military Police). Good times!!

Kenya: With the fashion world changing as much as it is what would you like to see in regards to men of your size in the industry?

I would like to see more guys like my self actually being used as models for “Big & Tall” (I have a strong dislike for those threee words lol but i digress) ads for companies selling clothing for men of size.

Morlon: We just celebrated your Birthday a couple of weekends ago, what’s your most memorable moment?

Well I would say Friday night but that would be a lie cause we both know how that ended (insert laughter) because I don’t remember much after a certain time!!! What a night!! LOL

The whole weekend was great for me having family and friends come from outta town especially to celebrate me, it really meant a lot!

Morlon: Speed Round, First word that comes to your mind.

Michigan: HOME

Dating: Sucks

Tracie: Shanice

New: Edition


Big: Feet

Uncle: Tony

Nike: LOVE

Education: Important

Family: Value

Cousins: Siblings

Friends: Family

Morlon: How does it feel to be in the 20/20 Club now?

It feels good, I really don’t feel much different. Reaching 40 comes with a different outlook on life. Meaning you force your self to not make the same mistakes you’ve made in the past. Your

view of relationships and friendships also changes. It’s like either we doing this or not, you dont have a lot of room for error. I’m so certain for what I want my future to look like from here on out and I don’t have a lot of time to waste on people or things that don’t fall in line with my vision. When it comes to me, my space, and my time I’m learning to be very selfish to a certain extent.

Kenya: Since starting what are some of the lessons you’ve learned?

There’s quite a few:

1. Take my time don’t feel rushed to put out content if I feel it’s not ready.

2. Save friendships (unless it’s a project you mutually agreed to work on and both are putting 100% into it, don’t work with friends).

3. Invest wisely. Make sure that your spending money where it’s truly beneficial.

4. Study the greats!! As with anything always reach out to people who are doing the same thing you’re doing for advice, tips, and inspiration.


6. On the flip side of #5 people whom you never even met, nor probably ever will, will support you more than people who have known you all your life!

Kenya: What about love? You know everyone wants to know, so little sister is asking, for the readers of the blog of course lol……..

You want the radio version or the album unedited?

Kenya: Album unedited, uncut, all the curse words of course!!

LOL…… Well you and Morlon both know because you two have had VIP front row seats to this shit show of a dating life of mine for a very long time!!! But as far as LOVE, I’m open to it, but not looking for it if that makes sense. I’ve been in a few relationships that were complete disasters and I sometimes wish I could erase them from my life, yet I learned a lot from each one.

As of now in this very moment I’ve been trying to date but keep running into dead end situations. I’m at a point where I know exactly what I want in a relationship I just haven’t come across it yet. So I will continue to sit back focus on my goals, continue to drink plenty water, mind my own damn business, and my love will come. Hope I answered that good enough.

Kenya: I think so! I just want to say for the record anyone looking to be with my big brother, will now have to pass my interview questions from here on out!! LOL

Kenya: If there’s any experience in life you could redo what would it be?

That would definitely be my time in college at Morehouse!! There were times when I thought I’d never make to the finish line, but looking back on it I have so many great memories. I didn’t finish up on time or at least with my original class, but now I realize that putting yourself on a time schedule can on put unnecessary pressure on yourself. Sometime even throw you off track more than you felt you were.

I used to beat myself up over not having things done by a set timeline that “society”, says you should’ve accomplished by a certain age. I’ve since learned that things happen the way they are supposed to and the way it was intended for your specific journey. We must stop comparing our journey through life to others and define ourselves for ourself.

I hope you enjoyed this month’s “The TALLK”, interview with me, what are your thoughts? Any unanswered questions? If so send them in, I love to hear from my readers and followers you can send emails to

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