Spring into Something New

Menswear trends change with the seasons. As a tall man there are some things I think it’s best to avoid; yet a variance from the normal can set you apart as a tall man who’s able to create a style all of his own. I say constantly incorporate new items into your personal style, mix it up a bit, never fear change or something new…

Spring 2018 is here, although at times it doesn’t feel that way… (LOL). I’m all for the bright colors, different patterns, and slimmer fits. The tailored fitted look will be good for the spring and summer, and it’s a look that’s pulled off great by men with longer torsos and legs. Fellas never be afraid to try something new, yet if you feel uncomfortable it’s probably not for you.

Photos by: @JWRphotography

Shirt: Cremieux


Shoes: Cordwainer

Watch: Fossil

What are some of your spring/summer must-haves? What will be on trend for you as we prepare for these long summer days, and hopefully even longer summer nights? As always I would love to hear from you, feel free to send me some of your thoughts on this post and your spring/summer item picks!

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