5 Easy Grooming Skin Care Tips

It’s been a while since the last grooming post, but we’re back to discuss some skin care! Most of the time I have a full beard, so the majority of my face is usually covered. But I always make sure to take care of my skin underneath my beard. So……listen up fellas because it’s very important to take care of your skin in general whether your bearded or not. In this post we’ll be discussing some ways to make sure you are keeping your skin healthy!

Quick Review: First you’ll need to know your skin type and find products that best fit your needs.

Dry – Your skin is flaky, itchy or roughOily – Your skin has oily patches and a natural shine to it. You often get acne or build up.Combination – Your skin is dry in some areas and oily in others.Normal – Your skin stays oil free most of the day and doesn’t get irritated or dry easily. Acne is rarely an issue.Sensitive – Your skin may sting or burn after product use.

Check out this simple morning routine below. Although this regime is not complex, using them regularly can make a difference.

Wash your face with a good cleanser.

If you are washing your face with bar soap and hot water, STOP now! This dries out the skin, which then makes you look older and or more wrinkly.

2. No cheap razors allowed!

When choosing a razor, look for ones that suit your skin sensitivity and beard coarseness. Also, be mindful of razors with several blades. Multiple bladed razors are more likely to leave you with razor burn or ingrown hairs. The extra blades pull the hairs below the skin a little too deep.A moisturizing shaving gel is key to providing a barrier of protection while shaving, so slather that on. Shave in the shower or immediately afterwards, because facial hairs are much softer from the warm water and steam. Plus, it eliminates having to clean up a dirty sink.

3. Use an after-shave.

After-shave will hydrate and soothe your skin. Try to use an alcohol-free aftershave because alcohol is drying to your skin.


Although facial hair can be sexy on a guy, what really turns us on is when our faces touch and it doesn’t feel like sandpaper. Moisturizing daily will help you achieve softer skin.

5. Use SUNSCREEN! ALL skin tones NEED sunscreen.

When you do not use sunscreen, you increase the risk of sun damage, which can cause irritation, and skin cancer, just to name a few.Therefore, try not to leave home without applying sunscreen. If possible, find a moisturizer that acts as both a moisturizer and sunscreen.

With all that being said, two affordable brands with lines specifically catered to men are Clinique and Nivea. Nivea can be found in most drugstores, and Clinique in most department stores. Let’s get that skin right fellas!

Check out Nivea for Men andClinique for Men to see products for men’s facial care needs. Also, check out The Art of Shaving for a full range of products catered towards men’s shaving needs.

Lastly be on the look out for the next grooming post that will be all about the BEARDS and my choices for best beard products!!!

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