A Very Mosley Christmas on Cambridge Street!

**insert dream sequence music here**

Ahh, here it is. My house, on Christmas morning. On Cambridge Street. This will be another holiday I’ll never forget I’m surrounded by beautiful wife and four beautiful children. This day is more special than others because it’s Christmas time and this is my favorite holiday! The joy it brings me to see the smiles and excitement on my kid’s face when they wake up Christmas morning is priceless.  It’s one of those days when the world truly just stops and my wife and I get a chance to take time to enjoy the moment with our family!

We make Christmas cookies together!

From my family to yours we wish you a Merry Christmas!!!!

Photos by: Bliss Culture Photography

Wife Model: Takeyla Ross

Model Sons: Kaiden & Koi Young

Model Daughters: Kayla & Journee Hall



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