Forever Mica Nicole!

Sunday, morning January 20th, 2019 I got news that you had gone home. Never in a million years did I think I would be doing this, as I hold back tears typing I realize this is really happening. We had just spoken on Tuesday and you were so optimistic about everything that you were working on. You even managed to make me feel good about everything that I’ve been working on as you always would whenever we spoke. I’m gonna miss those phone calls and moments we shared talking and laughing!

The Mica Nicole Show featuring Rah Mosley (September 2017)

We met Summer ’17 and from that point on you’ve been one of my biggest supporters and an amazing/loyal friend! You were truly my one of my angels on earth, smart, funny, strong, beautiful inside/out and never scared to say whatever was on your mind will be how I will always remember you by. I’ll never forget you, Mica, I know you watching over me saying GO RAH, GO RAH!!!

I love and miss you Mica Nicole!!!

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