Influencer Roundup: 9 Influencers to Watch in 2019!


I  recently came up with the idea to showcase some guys who I think have great personal style. Naturally, I know you probably thought everyone on the list would be TALL huh? Well, I didn’t want to exclude anyone because they are not “20 FEET TALL” like me, plus a lot of people whom style I admire are nowhere near my height. Everyone that’s on this list I have chosen for a different reason, and some of them may even be one of your favorites too, so check these guys out and make sure you’re following them on social media!


Starting the list off is someone whose style I have undoubtedly admired since I came across his Instagram just before starting my blog. If you don’t know who George Myrie of AKA “The Opinionated Fly Guy”, is then you have been missing out. I’ve never seen a photo of George wearing anything I didn’t like, he surely knows what works best for him when it comes to dressing and his style is very versatile. George Myrie, was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. George describes his blog as, not a typical fashion blog and it’s not. While he puts effort into what he wears he also puts effort in what he writes. His blog post are often accompanied by stories or topics from his day-to-day life. I’ve told George personally that he’s truly has been an inspiration to me when it comes to style! I would encourage anyone who looking for some fashion and styling inspiration to check this brother out!!

George Myrie

IG: @stuylin

Age: 39

Location: Queens, New York


photos by: @collistory

The remainder of the guys are either up and coming influencers/models. I’ve composed five questions for the guys to answer about themselves and how it relates to style.

  1. How would you describe your personal style?
  2. What tips would you offer someone looking to step up their style game?
  3. Is there anything you won’t wear?
  4. Name one fashion item/accessory that you love to incorporate?
  5. Who’s your style inspiration? 

*there’s no particular order of ranking*



IG: @queyon

Age: Unkown

Location: Dallas, TX


photo by: @junjdm

1. I would describe my style as GQ mixed with a little bit of urban street style.

2. To each it’s own but I think less is more. Well tailored suits and nice loafers are great for most occasions.

3. I won’t wear those romper things or jeggings.

4. I love to incorporate custom lapel pins and pocket squares into my outfits. It gives your outfit a little flare.

5. I really like Idris Elba’s style. He’s always well dressed.


 Demond Brister

IG: @misterbrister

Age: 41

Location: Milwaukee, WI


photo by: @bristermister

1. How would you describe your personal style?

Eclectic gentleman.

2. What tips would you offer someone looking to step up their style game?

Always cater to your individual personality, height, and weight. Inspiration is good but don’t overload on trends. Integrate new pieces to the wardrobe gradually instead of doing a mass overhaul.

3. Yes…I can’t wear everything and I’m perfectly fine with that.

4. I love a nice coat or jacket. They’re a great compliment and add character to any look.

5. Nick Wooster, Ouigi Theodore, and Mahershala Ali.


Kavah King

IG: @gentlemenscurb

Age: I don’t wanna share my age

Location: Brooklyn, New York


photo by: Kavah King
1. That’s a great question. I think It would be a mixture of urban and mainstream fashion. The Gentlemen And The Curb.

2. I would say that the best way to step up your style game is to be original. Be you. You can look to others for inspiration, but your style has to be authentically you.

3. I try to stay away from a blazer. I don’t dislike them, but I know that it seems to be the uniform for big & tall/ plus male men.

4. I love to incorporate footwear.

5. My inspiration isn’t one particular person. It’s more that my city influences. Art influences me. Life influences me.


Now yall know I wasn’t gonna compose a group of guys and not include myself lol………

Rah Mosley

IG: @rah_mosley

Age: Old Enough

Location: Atlanta GA



Nick Varcity

IG: @nickvarcity

Age: 31

Location: Detroit, MI


photo by: Mike Don

1. I would say that my style is universal. Depends on how I’m feeling but I’m mostly in Retro/Vintage, streetwear, rugged or athletic clothing. Formal only for events

2. I would tell them that style is who you are, the type of person you are, shop with your personality, embrace who you are, be confident, be you.

3. I won’t wear anything ultra-feminine

4. Glasses (eyeglasses, sunglasses, oversized vintage glasses etc)

5. That’s a really great question, I grab a few things from everywhere, there’s not a specific person that I’m inspired by, I love the retro/vintage 70’s/80’s vibe, Homeless people have creative ways of dressing, rappers Fabolous and Nas, singers Teddy Pendergrass, Marvin Gaye. EVERYWHERE lol


Cory K Bennett (CB)

IG: @cbbusygrizzly

Age: 29

Location: Charlotte, NC


photo by: @sariyaboutique
1. My personal style I would say is Grizzly. A play on my handles, but more so a spirit animal and guide. IN the form of style its going to seem comfortable first an foremost, fitting for the weather, and lastly functional. I never dress with the idea of “I just need a picture then I can relax”. I should be able to be comfortable in any threads for an extended amount of hours, and not be frustrated, but can just be Grizzly. Lots of soft pieces, interchangeable items, and fitted, but not super tailored to give me room for “growth” 🙂

2. If someone says ” I need to really start taking more time and styling myself” I suggest finding an amazing jacket, coat, or some staple black jeans. Before I began piecing suit and tie combos for dapper looks, or found the perfect overcoat with cognac mock strap shoes, I simply bought a pair of comfortable black jeans and a Coach Jacket. These two items helped me see different ways to wear them dressy, casual, after hours, and even travel! This was my style cheat code because as I found more comfort pieces, I could wear these two in the same week and no one would even know.
3. I personally have a slight vendetta against the chest fanny pack trend going right now! I just do not understand as men we are blessed with deep pockets on our pants versus women jeans and pant that do not even have pockets, so what are men carrying in them? So for me, unless called to do so for a brand, wouldn’t purchase one and wear for leisure at all.
4. BLACK DENIM! DENIM in general. If I can get away with some denim play in any fit or setting I will, but aside from a jacket, Sherpa, overcoat, shirt, pant, and even short sleeve fitted cut, I just love black denim pants. They’re highly functional, dressy or casual, from work to after-hours easily!
5. My style inspirations come from Travis Kelce (NFL Wide Receiver-Chiefs) @killatrav, alongside #GentlemanStyle tag on IG. Beyond that, I literally just try to mix and match items best for myself. I’m still learning a lot about pattern play, and textures, but it’s exciting to dive into style and then even more fitting (no pun intended) to customize “your look”!


Shelby Jr Gatewood

IG: @ch3ck_mate

Age: 33

Location: Norfolk, VA (two up, two down)


photo by: @kbanablaq

1. Describe personal style: I would describe my style as versatile. One day you can see me in a suit tailored to fit me, nice tie, and some nice monk strap shoes on to seal the deal. Next day you can see me in a pair of vans on with a screen print T-shirt on, ripped jeans and a fitted cap. Either way, I’m displaying fashion and different parts of my personality. I can adapt to all aspects of fashion to fit me and my personal style.
2. TIPS: Tips I would give someone to step up their style would be watching how other people put things together. Follow people whose style you like and learn. I watch people and think to myself, wow I like that look, how can I make that look for myself. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Don’t be complacent when it comes to fashion.
3. What I wouldn’t wear: I’m one to try things when it comes to fashion as long it doesn’t go too far. I would never wear a dress or skirt or anything see-through neither. Long as it’s manly and fits my body type and style I am willing to try it.
4. Fashion item/accessory: I am big on colorful socks. Socks can make or break an outfit to me. I have a drawer full of Happy Socks. Crazy color patterns, odd pattern placements and all. I personally don’t even own any just normal white socks. I also like to throw on a nice fedora or hat to complete an outfit as well here and there.
5. Style inspiration: Davidson Frere, Brandon Rashod, Michael Anthony (@thebigfashionguy) Rah Mosley, and all of my @soclassicgentsxl team to name a few. It’s so many people I’ve seen and take a little bit from their style and incorporate it into mine.


Sabas Whittaker

IG: @showtime49

Age: 33

Location: Miami, FL


 photo by: @uly84photos

1. How would you describe your personal style? Honestly, I describe my personal style as fearless and daring. I say that because I like to push the limits in my fashion choices and take pieces that may appear to be risky to some and incorporate them into my wardrobe in a way that many wouldn’t think to do to create a signature look.


2. What tips would you offer someone looking to step their style game up? My number one tip for many men and even women is to never be afraid of trying different colors or patterns and to be more confident in what clothing they choose. I find that many people struggle breaking out of their comfort zone or simply lack confidence when it comes to colors, textures, patterns/prints. In my opinion, an outfit can be taken to the next level just by adding a different color/pattern to a basic outfit or simply how confidentially you present yourself.


3. Is there anything you won’t wear? Truthfully, not really. Growing up, my sister influenced and taught me how to dress, she showed me how to shop and put pieces together, she truly instilled in me that fashion has no boundaries. I would even steal some of her shirts, and Nike shoes that went with the shirt so that I would stand out at school. I never wanted to look like anyone else around me LOL.


4. Name a fashion item/accessory that you love to incorporate into your style? This is tough because I really like to accessorize everything I wear, however, the top accessory item that really sets an outfit off for me is shoes. Sometimes the right shoe just changes the vantage point of an entire look.  My shoe collection is probably more extensive than my clothes, and I have a lot of clothes!


5. Who is your style inspiration? Right now I have two, Irvine Randle and Dej Loaf for the same reason: both are daring and bold with their personal style. Even though they represent two very different aspects of fashion, neither one is afraid of colors, textures, prints, and overall enjoy pushing the limit. My aspiration is to be the same as my style evolve. 





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