3 Easy Tips on Rocking White this Summer

As we all know summertime is pretty much here and that can only mean one thing! Plenty of white parties and bbq’s, while the two don’t necessarily mix well because no one wants to spill anything on their all-white outfit!! When attending white parties I’ve always have broken the rules a little by adding some color to my look. Check out a few of my tips for rocking all white below…


Ways to mix up your all-white look:

  • Denim Vest (the vest will give you an edgier look and set you apart from the other guys)
  • Colorful shoes (your shoes should always stand out and if you aren’t wearing a brand new pair of white shoes, don’t wear a pair that’s been worn a few times too many, it downgrades your whole outfit if your shoes look dirty).
  • Shirts, lightweight summer sweaters, t-shirts with colors most guys stray away from colors like pink, salmon, yellow, fluorescent beige (lol I kid, I kid), but I think you see where I’m heading. Go ahead and add some color to your outfit and be sure to stand out from the crowd!
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I think it’s perfectly ok to bend the rules a little unless otherwise stated when attending a white party have a little fun with your choices! Now if the invite is very strict about the dress code then follow “them peoples” rules and dress accordingly, don’t get turned around at the entrance LOL!!!!


Photos by: Rah Mosley

Styling by: Rah Mosley

On Daniel:

Jean Vest: Levis

Shirt: MVP Collections

White Jeans: MVP Collections

Shoes: NO BULL

On Me:

Undershirt: H&M

Short Sleeve Hoodie: MVP Collections

White Jean Shorts: MVP Collections

Shoes: Cole Haan


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