Grooming on the​​ Go: 6 Tips To Keep You Fresh In This Last Quarter

Being a well-groomed man is an essential part of personal style. As the cooler months approach, it is important to maintain good grooming habits. Below you will find 6 tips to keep yourself well-groomed during the cooler months.

Choose products that work for you.

What’s your skin type? Oily? Normal? Combination? Do you experience irritation after shaving? Find products that will work for your specific skin type and or skin concerns.


Exfoliating not only cleanses the skin but also keeps the skin clear of dead skin. Exfoliating the face also makes for a better shave. Try to exfoliate weekly to keep skin in its best shape.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated.

This begins with finding a body cleanser that adds moisture to the skin while also cleansing the skin. Look for cleansers specifically for men that both hydrate and cleanse. In addition, moisturize with a body lotion or oil after showering.

Find a Signature Fragrance.

A nice scent goes a long way. With the cooler months upon us, it is time to switch from lighter, summer scents to something with a bit more depth. Woodsy and spicy scents are more complimentary during the cooler months. Remember, a nice fragrance will compliment your personal style.

Keep hands neat.

This means keeping nails trimmed, maintaining cuticles and keeping your hands moisturized. Keep nails short in length by clipping them regularly. Try cutting your nails once a week. You also want to tend to the skin around the nail bed with moisturizer every couple of days to keep everything smooth.

Look after your hair. 

A grooming routine is not complete without looking after your hair. Get your hair cut regularly. Use shampoo and conditioner that will keep your hair healthy.

Barbershop Grooming
Men being groomed in a barbershop.

There are so many ways to keep yourself groomed probably, but if you’re someone who doesn’t like to do these things on your own. I would suggest seeking a licensed professional for all your grooming and skincare needs.

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