The TaLL TaLLk: Model of the Year

The plus-size male modeling world is growing more and more each day, as we all know the plus industry for women has already been a booming business for years. Now it’s time for the big fellas to share some of that shine, for two decades now one male model, in particular, has been laying the blueprint and breaking down doors and industry standards for the men! You’ve probably seen him in Old Navy, Target, JC Penney, Kohls, Van Heussen, and Good Counsel Ads. Well, he’s definitely a force to be reckoned with and also the winner of “Male Model of the Year”, an award given by the Full Figure Industry for 2018-2019. He’s also pretty good on the basketball court as I played against him in a charity game in the past (see photo at the end of interview) and he definitely made me work hard for that WIN because I’m not a hooper lol…

I introduce to you, Miguel Perdomo!

Name: Miguel Perdomo


Height: 6’4

Marital Status: Married

Occupation: Full-Time Model

Who is Miguel Perdomo?

I am a son/father/husband/brother/best friend/ confidant/ activist/ entrepreneur/ hustler. My surroundings made as such.

At what point of your life did you take notice of your height or that you were tall?

My last year in High School I knew I was already taller than the whole school lol.

Did your height/size impact your life differently over the years?

My height definitely made me more popular with the ladies plus I was already playing basketball so it helped.

Do you have any challenges when it comes to shopping?

Yes! All the time because Jeans are always made wrong as the sizes go bigger as well as tops. I don’t know who said to make it wider as it gets bigger. I despise that. Fix it expeditiously.

How would you describe your style?

I have a lot of styles but the best one for me is being in sweatsuits all the time. Just chilled and relaxed. When its time to turn up tho that’s another later of my many styles.

What are some brands that you always wear?

I wear a lot of H&M sweatsuits also fashion nova men’s but when it comes to suiting I wear Van Heusen because they are cut perfect for us taller men. Armani Exchange of course only denim too, but there’s a lot of Tommy Bahama and Kingsize, also Kohls has a great selection for us bigger men.

You recently won, “Male Model of the Year”, at the Full Figure Industry Awards, what does it feel like be recognized for your work?

Man it was surprising and shocking I am humbled I been in fashion 21yrs and never won an Award for Fashion I have won an award for being a staple in the Dominican Community which is very humbling still. Award or not I am grateful either way gods plan is always bigger then our own.

You’ve been someone I’ve personally admired in the modeling game for some time now, how did you get into modeling?

Thank you, I appreciate you as well modeling has saved my life, to be honest. I was involved in things no kid should be involved in, but god, my family, and fashion got me to where I am. I got in through a friend of mine who is a big fashion model as well he taught me the path and I stayed on and learned my craft.

Do you remember your first modeling job?

Hell yea! My first job was for Phat Farm with Russell Simmons, then Baby Phat right after and they opened the doors for me and it pretty much snowballed and here I am today.

A quick trip down memory lane lol… I remember seeing you in a Pelle Pelle ad back in the day, my older brother used to design clothes for them briefly. I always wanted to be in one of their ads. Pelle Pelle was huge Michigan especially their leather coats. Do you still have any Pelle Pelle your closet?

Wow! Hell yea I do and I still wear it from time to time but not because it’s in style or anything I am just Nostalgic and love the memory behind it.

Beyond modeling, you’ve done some acting to right? Do you have any upcoming projects or things in the works? yes!

I have a lot of things in the works which I always keep private until I work/Shoot it just so I don’t jinx myself.

I believe that in this newly popular Big & Tall modeling world it’s important that us guys support each other. What advice would you give a younger guy who looks up to you, who’s trying to get into the game?

My advice is always to stay humble and never think you are better than anyone. In this industry, they are a lot of superficial people so try to go left from that. With me is what you see is what you get! I am an open book and have nothing to hide or gain when speaking to anyone. I love everyone and god always removed negative apples from me so.

Do you have a dream-modeling job? What was one of your favorite shoots to date?

My dream modeling job would be to shoot James Bond and change the narrative in the UK!

Name three songs you have in constant rotation now?

Nipsey Hussle- Victory Lap

Burna Boy- Ye

Wizkid- All for the love

You’ve been all over modeling what’s been one of your favorite modeling adventures/trips?

Every shoot there’s something dope and new to learn and explore so I would say my whole entire career period and I am grateful to still represent. Its a blessing.

How would you say fatherhood has changed you?

Being a Dad is the best gig I ever had, I am learning about my son and myself.

Being a dad is the dopest shit ever because he makes me hustle even more, he makes me better as a man and changed my mindset for everything.

What are three things you want to instill in your son as he grows up?

To love everyone.

Hustle for Purpose, not popularity

Remember that God is watching!

If you weren’t modeling what would be your alternate career?

I would probably be an A& R exec at a record company which I still want to do just to bring good talent back and of course a painter.

Do you have any hidden talents?

Yes! I am painter and I do graphic design and my best attribute is that I know a lot of ppl everywhere so I would say I’m like a PR!

Speed Round:

1. Are you usually early or late? Early

2. What do you wish you knew more about? How to cook!

3. What age do you wish you could permanently be? Immortal.

4. What TV show or movie do you refuse to watch? Friends/Sex and the city! GOT

5. What is the most annoying question that people ask you? How can my son or daughter become a model and how much money do we make!

6. What’s your dream car? Mercedes Pullman 1969 limo

7. What quirks do you have? I’m a comedian so I love to make ppl laugh.

8. What kind of food do you enjoy most? Vegan and Pizza

9. What movie title best describes your life? Creed!

10. Favorite food? Vegan Pizza!

Where can the readers find you?

Find me on Instagram @therealmp23

What’s next for Miguel Perdomo?

To continue to represent for us Big and Tall men but mainly take over Europe Market and break doors down there we are in need of that there!

*Miguel & I playing on opposing teams during a charity Basketball game during Full Figure Fashion Week 2018 in New York*

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