The Weekend: Tall Style on a Budget

It’s the weekend hoping we can chill again sort of like we use to
cos u know it’s overdue
maybe we can if you ain’t got other plans
I know something we could do
U know its overdue… -Kenny Lattimore

The weekend is here and If you are anything like me you’ve probably spent most of the week fantasizing about what you are gonna do for the weekend. Well, this weekend I will have my baby boy Jalen (nephew/godson) and he’s a ball of energy so there won’t be a whole lot of resting for me lol… 

If you’ve been keeping up with me you also know that I just announced the youtube show in which I created Life & Style ATL which I have a cohost Nikke Freestyle, and we will be bringing you the latest in fashion topics, what’s going on in the ATL fashion scene, also the latest in music, health, fitness, and good food!! 

Also please subscribe to the Life & Style ATL youtube channel first episode will be released January 22!

Photos: Christian Powell

Coat: ASOS TALL  $47

Vintage Sweatshirt: ELEVENPARIS $30

Corduroy Joggers: ASOS TALL $31

Shoes: Air Jordan $120

White Undershirt: Calvin Klein $19

Socks: Target $10

Total: $260



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