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You ever come across someone who motivates you to work out harder and push yourself to the limit? Well, that’s what good coaches do, in this social media age, you can often come across someone who gives you that same encouragement on their daily social media post. Well when I came across this month’s interviewee, I immediately felt like I needed to step my workouts up lol. Without further explanation, I present to you, “The Cool Coach”, Jermaine Lowery this month’s TaLL TaLLk guest.




Name: Jermaine Lowery

Age: 30

Height: 6’5

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Non-Profit Administrative Professional














Who is Jermaine Lowery?

A Philly native, male full of faith in God, who enjoys laughing, encouraging others, being fit, one-line zingers, and a good recipe. 






When did you take notice of your height or that you were tall

Around 3rd grade, I noticed I was towering over my classmates and I was asked repeatedly to reach the snacks in the high cabinets. My height was surprising at first because I was among the shorter 1st graders. 


You’re a twin how was that growing up? I’m sure you guys got double the tall jokes right?


Growing up a twin was fun. We had our share of inside jokes; we spoke our own language and could play tricks on people. We got teased for having a look-alike and wearing glasses. We got the four-eyes jokes more than I could count and the Godzilla jokes! Let’s not even mention the big feet jokes. I used to trip over my feet all the time. I was compared to Goofy. I grew into them, eventually.

Do you feel your height made you much different than your peers?

My height set me apart from my peers. I was frequently picked first in sporting events especially basketball because I was the perfect center; tall, lanky, and long arms. Outside of sports, I would be asked by people to lift them on my shoulders or to give them some of my height. I was always in the back of the class grade photos also.


How often do you get asked questions about your height? 

I get asked about my size all the time. If I walk into a store with athletic gear on people will ask me, “what professional sports team do you play for.” My athletic shape doesn’t help because people will always say, “well we know you played sports and we can guess that is was basketball.” This happens once a week. I am constantly reminded of my height no matter where I go. I travel a great deal and when I fly on small jets, I get laughs when I try to stand up or walk without bumping my head. By the way, I hit my head all the time on exit signs on small jets. It’s sad yet funny for bystanders.


What are some of your biggest challenges when it comes to shopping?

I always have a challenge when shopping! My height does not match my wingspan, I am 6’5 with a 6’9 wingspan. Dress shirts must be custom made. I can only buy custom-made suits. My waist is 32 but my thighs make it hard to fit anything below 34 waists. I usually have to settle for 36 waist and 36 length. Which means little selection for colors or styles. I often have to shop at different stores for each section of my body; feet, legs, torso, and upper body. Shopping is an entire week affair!



Describe your style.

First and foremost, I must always say I love to be comfortable! If I am uncomfortable, I will not be fun to be around. With that said, I love to keep my wardrobe casual or athletic. However, because I am a professional in the business sector, I have to switch up my dress and style frequently throughout the week. I go from casual to business casual to professional to athletic wear, sometimes in the same day. The most important thing for me is footwear. I must match up the appropriate shoe/sneaker/boot/ to match my style. How is that for wardrobe changes! Furthermore, I am getting into wearing more casual plaids and traditional wear.



What are some of your favorite brands?

I love this question! I have many favorite brands. For casual pants: Tommy Hilfiger, ASOS, Banana Republic. For athletic wear: Under armor or Nike. For professional sports coats and suits: Joseph Abboud, Waraire, or Jetsetter. For denim wear: Levi. For footwear: Cole Haans Boots and Shoes, Converse and Nike trainers. For watches: Seiko. For hats: a solid color Nike visor worn backward will d




What are your top 3 must-haves as a big & tall guy?

  1. Comfortable shoes. 
  2.  Bright smile.
  3. Great smelling soap

What’s your favorite personal possession and why?

My calculator, in the finance world I feel inadequate without it.


You’re a workout fanatic, how did you get that way?

I have always had an affinity for being active. However, when I showed promise in high school and my performances earned me a scholarship to college, I began to be highly interested in being physically fit to be my best. In college, I was a standout track athlete and I continued to run post collegiately. For me, running, and being active in general, helps me to learn how to prepare for important goals and to devise a plan to get there. Running also helps me to take the limits from what I can achieve mentally.

You grind pretty hard in the gym, what are some workout tips you would like to share with the readers?

I love to give workout tips. The best tip is to be constant at what you do. The best thing about a fitness journey and being fit is that you will get there by setting a routine. Do not let anyone break your routine!


What’s your favorite type of workout?

My favorite workout is hiking at sunrise. Nothing compares to a hard climb, you know, when sweat is pouring from your head, you can barely see the terrain in front of you and you are breathing heavily while trying to stay balanced. When all of a sudden, you reach the top. You wipe the sweat away, take a deep breath and you open your eyes fully to see the morning glory and all that God has made in the earth. You are at peace!

What would your dream job be?

Overseeing all of my businesses, being a multi-business owner. One day I will get there where I will be my own boss.


Name three songs you have in constant rotation now, and why?

  1. Jeff Allison – My Breakthrough. Reminds me to push through the rough times because my breakthrough is too close to give up.
  2. Fred Hammond – Promise Keeper. Reminds me I can trust in God with my whole heart because He will deliver on every promise, He has made to me.
  3. Byron Cage – Thou Art A Shield For Me, this song always gets me through tough times when I am feeling down.


Are you the go-to friend for relationship advice? If so what advice would you give a friend that’s in a bad relationship? 

I am that friend. I would tell him or her to pray about the person and to reevaluate the pros and cons of the relationship.


Name a place you haven’t traveled but is on your list to visit? 

Havasu Falls, Arizona. The Falls sits on an American Indian Reservation and the only way to get there is to hike. You have to show grit to get to the destination, but the experience and scenic views are worth it. I hope to make the trek later this year.


What do you consider your ultimate project to work on? 

Rehabbing a home. I am always doing DIY work on the homes of people I know; painting, installation of stairs, fixing ceilings or setting up a backyard garden. I used to help keep community gardens so I don’t mind getting down and dirty and planting seeds that will grow.


What’s your proudest accomplishment?

Athletically, it would be competing at the US Olympic Trials (2012) for the sport of Track and Field. In order to compete, you have to be in the top list of Americans. 


Photo by Jamaal Murphy

How has the death of Kobe Bryant affected you?

I grew up watching Kobe Bryant take over the basketball scene during my middle school and high school years. While watching him I often wondered how he could accomplish many great things while still being both a positive Black male and father. Kobe taught me the three D’s to be successful in sports: determination, dedication, and discipline. No matter how much success Kobe had, he always worked to perfect his craft. Kobe will be missed by many but the legacy he left will help generations to strive for the best on and off the court.

Photo by Jamaal Murphy

Speed Round:

  1. Are you usually early or late?

Early! My dad always told me if you are on-time you are late! Shoot, I get up now at 6:00 AM!

  1. What do you wish you knew more about?

One of the things I am trying to know more about is investing in real estate. I am trying to make some POWER MOVES!

  1. What age do you wish you could permanently be?

29 was a great year! I waited for some things to perfect in me and in my life. God really came through for me! Twenty-nine or #twenty-fine is alright with me!

  1. What TV show or movie do you refuse to watch?

Grey’s Anatomy. I am an ER guy!

  1. What is the most annoying question that people ask you?

“Do you and your twin look alike?” Man, this question wears me out!


  1. What’s your dream car?

A jeep wrangler. I have been trying to get my hands on one of those for years. I want to be able to remove the doors and slow-ride around DC in the summer! That’s a bad vehicle!

  1. What quirks do you have?

My friends will tell you that I nod my head twice when I am excited when talking.

  1. What kind of art do you enjoy most?

Street Art. I love seeing raw talent and vibrant colors.

  1. What movie title best describes your life?

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

I can always be found encouraging others or researching and learning things that I can show my community to help foster growth and enlightenment.

  1. Favorite food?

Risotto made anyway, but especially with saffron.

Photo by Eric Ellerbee

Where can the readers find you? 

My website ( or on Instagram: workout_with_jlo


What’s next for Jermaine Lowery?

  1. Spiritual-wise get closer to God, learning how to be better sensitive to His plan for my life.
  2. Career-wise, I want to move into a CFO/COO role, that is where I am building to now.
  3. Life-wise, I think about being a family man raising some awesome kids. In the interim, I coach and mentor kids to give me practice.


**All photos by Jermaine Lowery unless noted


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