“The RahRah RompHIM” Designer Spotlight w/ Jarrod’s Est.1977

The RompHim created a pretty big buzz earlier this spring, after hearing tale of the RompHim’s presence, I thought to myself, "Those are just coveralls, cut a bit too short for my liking!" There has been so much discussion about whether or not men should be wearing a RompHIM! It’s a hard no for me, *if in fact the romper was actually designed for a woman, in which some of the pictures I’ve seen were of men clearly wearing a romper designed for a woman’s body.

I will be the first to say to each his own, but as for me and my 6’10" frame, I wont be wearing anything that has lace, ruffled straps, or way above the knee than it needs to be. As promised I did have a Romphim special made for myself to show that look can be worn by men, in a masculine way, and even on someone as tall as myself. I worked closely with my designer friend Jarrod (info below), who’s one of the best designers/tailors in Atlanta. And this is what we’ve come up with.
When it came to picking out the material I definitely wanted something lightweight, which is why I choose this navy-stripped linen.

When it came to choosing accessories I chose bracelets with earth toned brown colors and a maroon pocket square with matching Air Forces (Morehouse Maroon of course!! lol).

"The RahRah RompHIM": Jarrod’s, Est.1977, IG: @Jarrods1977 #MakeFashionYours

Bracelets: ASOS
Handkerchief: Murano
Grooming: Dexter IG: @1dexboy
Photography: Justin IG: @JWRphotography

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