Upstage Style by Rah Holton: Something for the Ladies

While my site is for the "TALL Man’s Lifestyle", every TALL man has a special lady in his life!! Upstage Style Boutique offers the best styles for women who like to be on point. On Sunday celebrity stylist Marv Neal hosted the "Shop with Marv Neal"event at Rah Holtons’ "Upstage Style". The event definitely had a Michigan feel being that Rah, Marv, myself and most of the other attendees were from various parts of Michigan! I also had a chance to ask Rah a few questions as she entertained and assist guests

1. What prompted you to open your boutique?

I actually opened my first boutique in 2004 in Royal Oak, MI. I’ve always been approached to model, but I’m not very photogenic, but the love and passion for fashion has always been dear to my heart. Growing up in Detroit most women prefer to shop boutiques, so I’ve always wanted to own a spot where ladies can find exclusive pieces to turn heads.

2. How long have you been a stylist?

I’ve been styling since about 2011 when I opened Upstage Style Boutique, unlike Detroit, living in Atlanta there’s definitely enough events going on to build a pretty solid clientele, not only do the people in the industry need styling, but your everyday career woman does as well.

The man of the hour Marv Neal creating his Jeanous Denim

3. What are some of the hottest trends right now for women?

Right now in fashion I’m loving that transitional, classic pieces and colors are coming back, trendy styles are not my cup of tea, This fall I’ll be incorporating more blazers, and pantsuits for women, distressed denim, camouflage pieces, things that you can pull out of your closet a couple of years from now and they’re still as fly as they were years before.

Rah & Rah

3 X’s Dope

Mo McKenzie @momckenziestyles & Rah

Lastly, Rah what would you like readers to know about your boutique?

Upstage Style carries quality custom and private label pieces in store. We specialize in personal styling, personal shopping, movie/tv wardrobe and professional photo shoot styling. We’re located in the beautiful Johns Creek walk apartments community. Sun-Wed is reserved for private styling services which are available by Appointment. We’re open every Thurs-Saturday from 12-8 to the public. You can find us online Or via social media IG: @shopupstage FB:

Photos by Danny Digital or @dannydigitall

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