The Over All Comfort of Overalls

I’ll be the first to admit it, ever since I was in high school, I have been in love with overalls. I owned a couple different pairs by Dickies, JNCO Jeans, but my all time favorite pair were by Karl Kani! I would always try to dress like my favorite hip hop artists, even if that meant putting more expensive pairs on layaway until I hustled up the money to get them. Was there a better way to spend a day in school more than in a comfy pair of denim overalls? After a while as trends changed, I ditched the overalls, and they became hard to find them in the stores.

Over the years, overalls have started to make a come back, they’re a hot item with not only the blogging community and street style heroes, but a host celebrities and TALL athletes have been wearing them. It’s common to find overalls that have the same styles as your favorite denim. You can find them with rips, slashes, in leather, cropped, joggers, shorts, and so many many more styles/colors. If you can envision it, you can now find an overall that matches your everyday style.

Photos by: Chase Reign

Denim Overalls: American Rag / Macy’s

Henley: Round Tree & York / Dillard’s

Shirt: Mossimo / Target

Shoes:Vans / DestinationXL

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