The Year in Review 2017

My first year since launching is coming to an end and I must say I’m proud of myself for following through with my vision! Creating, starting, and maintaining a blog/website has proven to be a lot of work to stay current. I’ve learned so many lessons this year pertaining to creating my site and working with people on creating content. I have much more in store for 2018, but for now here’s a look at what all happened throughout the year!

photo by DC Photography

Heres a few articles I’ve been featured in throughout the year.

The 25 Most Stylish Black Men in Fashion

Black Men Carving a Place in the Body Positive Movement


His Style: 10 Big and Tall Male Influencers You Need to Follow

10 Plus Size Male Bloggers Kicking Down The Doors Of Fashion

Blog Post Out-takes

The Tall Guys of, “The TALLK”

1. Bert Mosley / June 2017

2. Charles Gray / July 2017

3. Ray Gober / August 2017

4. Michael Kosset / September 2017

5. Terraine Bates / October 2017

6. Derrick Hector / November 2017

7. Brian Barden / December 2017

Events from 2017

The TCF Style Expo:

Stay tuned for much more to come….. Happy Holidays!!!

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