9 Ways Cardio Workouts Can Help Diabetes

As stated before, I’m diabetic and have been for the past six years. With lots of adjustments and changes in diet I’ve been able to maintain healthy blood glucose levels. Another major component that has also helped me is my love/hate relationship with cardiovascular exercise.

There are numerous ways cardiovascular exercise can benefit people with diabetes, Also known as cardio training or aerobic exercise, it’s most helpful because it raises a person’s heart rate to a higher than normal rate. Cardio exercise also heps to burn extra glucose in the body and decreases resistance to insulin, two results that are good for controling diabetes.

Putting in place a good cardio routine will have these long term effects and great health benefits:

1. Improving muscle strength

2. Reducing body fat

3. Increasing energy levels

4. Lowering blood pressure

5. Increasing the level of good cholesterol

6. Decreasing the risk of coronary artery disease

7. Strengthening the heart

8. Improving control of blood sugar levels

9. Improving circulation

I will honestly say, the most difficult part of a cardio routine to achieve is consistency. For cardio to make a diffencence in maintaining healthly blood sugar levels, you must develop a routine that you can maintain on a weekly basis. Having a great cardio workout everso often will only help for that time period. I recommend for anyone to start slow and gradually develop a more intense level of cardio, and always listen to your body, it’s good to push yourself but if something doesn’t feel right take a break, or consult your physician.

Different Types of Cardio Training

A cardio training program aims to increase breathing capacity and improve overall health. Cardio work gets the heart beating faster, is rhythmic, and involves the large muscle groups, such as those in the legs. Generally, the program will start at a certain level, and then it will increase gradually as endurance is built.

Types of physical activity can be categorized as cardio exercise, include:

Jogging or runningWalking or hikingBicyclingUsing a stair step or elliptical machineBasketballRowingDancingSwimming

The best place to get more information about cardio workouts is by consulting with your healthcare team. Ask them what kind of exercise and at what intensity would be best for your individual needs.

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Did you find this post to be helpful? What are some of your favorite cardio related workouts if not mentioned above, I would like to hear from you?

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