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I met this months interviewee back in the last days of Myspace, we originally connected just before he moved to Atlanta 11yrs ago. We became friends through our similar taste in music and have been cool ever since. He’s a singer/songwriter, and thats just a few of his talents, he’s also a good guy who loves his family and friends. I finally got a chance to catch up with him so we can shoot for and get his interview completed. I’m wishing Steven much continued success as he just recently started a new season of his internet radio show!! I present to you February’s edition of, "The TALLK", featuring Steven Knight.

Name: Steven Knight

Age: 36

Height: 6’4

Marital Status: single

Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Internet Radio Host & Account Executive

So tell us who is Steven Knight?

Steven Knight is a God-fearing man who strives to live his best life. I have a passion for music, family, friends, God and enjoying life. I’m constantly looking to better myself and experience the great things that life has to offer even through difficult times. I also have a really good therapist lol

When was the first time you realized you were tall? How did your height make you different?

I have always been if not the tallest, certainly one of the tallest in my class until I went to high school. Playing basketball it definitely was an advantage for me back in those days.

What’s the most annoying question you get asked as a tall person?

“Can you reach up and get that for me?”

How did your height impact your life differently than others?

Being taller, I typically stand out due to my height. So I guess I get noticed more often because of it.

What are some of your biggest challenges when it comes to shopping?

It used to be a lot more difficult finding shoes, etc when I was younger. But I think these days it’s a lot easier shopping at my height. Online shopping can be a challenge and that’s my preference. I hate going to the mall.

How would you describe your style?

I think style changes for each occasion. I’m not really that stylish on my own. I have certainly gotten better over the years but I typically turn to friends that I admire their style to help me out. They must do a good job because I get compliments lol

What are some brands that you always wear?

I don’t have any particular brands I target. I just go after what looks nice on me and is affordable.

What are your top 3 fashion must-haves as a tall guy?

Nice accessories, nice shoes and pants that actually fit lol

So you’re a singer/radio Internet radio show host, please tell us more about that?

I moved to Atlanta 11 years ago to pursue a career in music and over the years have done some really cool things that I would not imagined I would have been able to achieve. It’s been a great experience. As a result of the work I’ve done with my music, I ended up getting my internet radio show, The Steven Knight Show. We recently kicked off our 8th Season which is crazy. With the show, I have been able to interview many celebrities and interesting people and have been inspired by many who have been on the show and created the life they wanted outside of corporate America. They have worked hard and followed their dreams. One day I would like to be my own boss so I am inspired by those who have achieved that. These days, I spend more time on my show than I do music but I am starting to get back into music. Last Christmas I released an original Christmas song and this year I am working on an EP that should be available in March or April. The biggest lesson I learned from pursing music and getting a show is that sometimes you may strive to achieve a certain goal that may never be accomplished. But hard work pays off and something really great can come from the work you put in. So for me, working hard to be successful in music, got me my show.

Any goals you have set for yourself in 2018 to accomplish? My biggest goal is to complete my EP and continue to grow the show. I have a few person goals as well.

What qualities do you find most important when dating?

Trust, communication, vulnerability and the ability to be open to understand the other person’s point of view even if you do not agree.

It’s the month of February, which means Valentines Day is upon us?

Do celebrate, if so how did spend Valentines Day this year?

To me Valentine’s Day is a woman’s holiday. I’m single this year, so I just chilled. Shout out to the lovers out there tho.

Tell us something you’ve done for someone special on Valentines Day or something special that has been done especially for you?

I actually had someone buy who a whole outfit unexpectedly and send it to my house. Jeans, a nice shirt, draws and a pair of shoes. I’m not easily surprised but that got me.

If you had to wear a standard uniform daily what would it consist of?

I’m simple. I would rock some nice jeans, Jordan’s and T-shirt and would be good. As long as my hair is cut and I have the right accessories on, I’d be able to rock that every day.

What are some of your favorite Atlanta spots to visit for clothing, food, or just lounging with friends?

I love BQE Lounge, Negril Village, Atlanta Fish Market, Blue lounge in Buckhead. I also like Ponce City Market and Stone Mountain. In terms of shopping, I don’t really like going to the mall but Lenox and Perimeter malls are cool if I have to go.

Speed Round:

1. Summer or Winter?

2. Night Owl or Early Bird? Night Owl

3. Nike or Adidas? Nike

4. Dirty South or West Coast? West Coast

5. GQ or Esquire? GQ

6. Rap or R&B? R&B

7. iphone or Android? iPhone

8.Brandy or Monica? Singing – Brandy, personality – Monica

9.Condo or House? House

10. Favorite food? Seafood

Ladies Choice Questions:

What are your deal breakers in terms of dating/relationships? Inconsistency, me not feeling like a priority, cheating and lying. You gotta go!The state of R&B music has changed so much do you think it possible for it to regain it’s popularity? Who are some of the artist you think could revive R&B? I think music is something that is forever changing but trends always come back. I think talent is something that will always in the end supersede trends. Artists like Bruno Mars, Chris Brown, Miguel and new comers like Daniel Caesar are keeping the talent in today’s R&B music.What advice would you give, your younger self knowing what you know now about life? My advice would be to be proud of myself and never stop learning and seeking knowledge and bettering myself.Have you ever regretted ending a relationship? Yes I have. Years ago but I wasn’t ready at the time. I have done a lot of work on myself and so I am optimistic about the next one.

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