The TALLK: The Bodyguard

Let’s face it we live in a time where everyone wants to be a celebrity. Yet the images & lifestyles portrayed on social media these days are a lot of smoke and mirrors. Not many people really live the way they like to make you believe; yet the people who really live beyond the norm tend need some extra protection. That’s where May’s interviewee, “BIG T” steps in, a personal body guard to some of your favorite celebs, Big T is a powerful, energetic, humorous guy, with a big heart! I present to you “The TALLK” featuring, The Bodyguard “Terrance “Big T” Holloway!

Name: Terrance “Big T” Holloway

Age: 38

Height: 6’5’

Marital Status: Engaged

Location: Miami

Occupation: Personal Bodyguard

Who is “BIG T”?

To kick this off, I give God all the glory and praise for the man I am today. I’m a personal bodyguard; I have 4 kids whom I love dearly. I have a beautiful fiancée; she’s my whole back. Ok let’s get this started.

When was the first time you realized your height made you stand out from others?

Well I guess that was about the age of 16, I went to a teen club in my hood, the owner asked me at the end of the night if I had a job. (Of course I didn’t, besides hustling). I ended up working at the club doing Security a few nights a week.

How did your height impact your life differently than others?

I really didn’t see it change anything especially compared to others. Never really idolized or compared myself to others coming up. We just had to get out and get it no matter our circumstances.

What’s the most common question you are asked because of your size/height?

Most common question would have to be “how tall are you?” Honestly I really don’t feel like I’m that tall. I guess to others that are vertically challenged, I’m pretty big 🤣

What are the top 3 pros and cons associated with your height?

My three top pros and cons … hmmmm!


Respect, definitely not the one getting picked on. LoLAll women love a tall glass of water.My lady feels safe and protected.


I hit my head all the timePeople have to look up to me so I gotta always keep my nose clean, literally!Buying shirts that fit my shoulders and still long enough to tuck in. LoL

What are some of the biggest challenges you face when it comes to shopping?

Some of my biggest challenges when it comes to shopping would have to be the act itself. I’m not a big shopper, I’m more like a guy that sees a shirt I like, and I buy it! Or I see some pants a few weeks later and I say “oh, I got this such and such shirt, and these shoes. “Bih, I’m bout to kill’em” 🤣. It’s hard to buy shirts, pants , jackets, all of its hard for me because I’m like right in the middle or the cusp of “Big and Tall” I’m tall but I’m not big… their “big” is wide waist… my waist is about a 40-42, but my length is 34 which usually is only stocked in two or three pair depending on if the store is a urban store or not! The struggle is real.

How would you describe your style?

My style is unlike most! Lol. Nah I’m playing… my everyday of just errands or just my typical day… I’m usually in Jordan shorts, Js and an arrogant graphic tee (Fear is for Others) or if wifey wants me to put some clothes and go out with her… then I may grab a polo, or Burberry or sumthin nice that Zara man has rarely blessed me with. Lol. I’m a lil bit of all types… I like to say I’m a good hanger!

What are some brands you always wear?

Some brands i always wear huh…. 🤣🤣, Jordan, Nike of course, Polo, Gucci, Burberry. Whatever I can find that fits.

I notice that you have a nice shoe collection, how many pairs do you own? What size do you wear?

Yes I do have a nice amount of kicks, I gave a lot of them away when I moved back to Fla, I had a whole shoe room at my house in atl, and the shoes covered the whole floor, and those weren’t even the ones i wore on a regular basis. I built a wall in my master bedroom for all the shoes that I wore daily.. I really don’t know how many I have…. counting your belongings feels too much like praising them to me, I keep’em clean and nice but they can be taken away just as fast as I got them. I’m blessed tho. Oh I wear a 13.

What are your top 5 fashion must-haves as a tall guy? My top 5 fashion must haves…. ha-ha man where do u get these questions? lol.

1.Well the kicks make the fit, so u gotta have a variety of different type of shoe, boots, hard bottoms etc.

2. I’d say the tops/ shirts, nice tees, (Zara is the best) I Love Zara I Just can hardly ever find anything that fits but when I do…. its like heaven.

3. Button-ups by different designers, and jackets.

4. Distressed jeans… and fitted, not skinny’s, I’m not that guy.


5. Shades more that one pair, and hats… oh and a few different type of belts! Designer belts if got it!

Speed Round:

Texting or talking? Texting

Last song you downloaded? Ella Mai “naked”

Favorite day of the week? Wednesday (hump day)

Miami or Cali? Miami (money is a major issue)

Giving presents or getting presents? Giving gifts of course (Gods plan)

Do you have any friends taller than 6’4? I don’t think i do!

What’s something you could eat for a week straight? Haitian food (griot)

Who inspires you? My sons

What’s your middle name? Bernard

Wings: Lemon Pepper or BBQ? Lemon Pepper

Have you ever tasted soap? Yes, not purposely tho hahaha

Favorite car? Jacked up pick up Truck, any kind.

Nike or Adidas? Nike

Are women complicated? Women are a blessing

Do you respect Kanye? Who? I don’t know a Kanye

Now you’re the owner of ‘Peerless Personal Protection,’ how did you get into that profession and how long have you been a bodyguard?

Peerless Personal Protection… I’d say the profession kinda got into me… being big, being mosey and always have a protective mindset and ability to protect. I have actually been a Bodyguard for and 12 years.

Do you have a specialized workout regiment for your field of work?

My specialized regimen would be just constantly training your mind to always be ready. A problem avoided is better than a problem solved. I workout at least 4-5 days a week when time permits. I practice Krav Maga (Palestinian martial arts).

Do you have a eating regimen that you follow?

I try to eat clean but I readily stay on track so I go super hard in the gym to maintain my sexy. My lady is always telling me I’m gonna be a fat guy one day but she’ll still love me.

Who are some of your favorite clients to work with?

I love all my clients… I love being needed and depended on!

Where are some of your favorite places your profession has taken you?

I have been all over the world some countries a few times… I’d have to say Australia and London are my favorite places overseas, Chicago and Cali are my favorite places in the states!

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Actually yes I do! Love is a beautiful thing! S/n. Love is a action word!

I think black love is such a beautiful thing! You recently got engaged to a beautiful woman, how did you know that she was the one?

Well we’ve been together off and on for 6 years… so I had a lil time to think but I always knew that my heart, mind and body always belonged to her, I’ve had my time in the world, cheating and everything…. she threw me to the dogs a few times but I always dragged back and the last time i made up in my mind that I’d chill out and do right by my baby. She’s for me and I’m for her!

Is there anything else about you that you would like to share with the readers?

Well if u sat here and read my whole Lil space in the magazine I hope you have learned a little about a King. I was born to lose, but built to win. I wish to tell anyone reading this that if you have anything that you wanna do, get up and go get it! Follow ya dreams. Chase ya dreams, but remember a dream without action is just hallucination. So put in the work, reap the reward.

Thank you for your attention. -Terrance

all photos courtesy of: BIG T

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