6 Tips On How To Become a Big & Tall Male Model


I often get messages on social media from other guys on how they can get into modeling, more specifically Big & Tall modeling. Well for me modeling was something I’ve always wanted to do since high school, I remember wanting to be a model around 10th grade. I used to participate in all the school fashion shows, would buy all fashion related magazines and think one day I wanted to be one of the models in the fashion editorials.


Fast forward to now I stand at 6’10”, and up until just a few years, there weren’t any opportunities for a guy with my stature unless I was already an athlete with an endorsement deal with big brands that were paying me to wear their clothes. I remember shopping at the Big and Tall clothing sections of stores or flipping through catalogs and never seeing guys who were truly Big and Tall. While things have certainly changed there’s still so much further to go as it relates to representation in the male Big and Tall atmosphere.



Here is my list of 6 things you should do if you’re trying to break into the modeling world.


  1. Be Willing to Invest: Like most careers modeling requires dedication, time, and also requires you to invest money on yourself. eebcaf57-ce50-41a7-a3c6-0ee9b766690e
  2. Build a Portfolio: With this being the social media age it’s a little easier to get noticed because agencies can go directly to your social platforms and see your photos opposed to you sending them in. Take advantage of social media!!!
  3. Gain Exposure: Again use social media to the best of your ability! Tag modeling agencies in your photos. Your page shouldn’t be private if you’re trying to be seen and get noticed by an agency.
  4. Discover Your Strengths/Learn Your Angles: Know which type of clothing best looks good on you and shoot photos in those looks. Don’t shoot in anything that you’re uncomfortable in because it will translate into your photos. Practice your posing in the mirror, also check out youtube videos on male modeling poses and learn more about posing.img_3470
  5. Persistence: Some models get work quicker than others, while some never quite make it. There’s no definite outcome some people are just in the right place at the right time, while others are natural, and while being brutally honest some never stand a chance. Yet if you know for sure you have what it take persistence eventually will pay off for you in this industry you must develop thick skin and do so quickly you will hear plenty of  no’s but all it takes is for that one person to believe in you and your career can change overnight, but you will never know if you quit.
  6. Network: Be willing to get out and meet people! Go to every open call/audition as possible. Attend workshops for modeling introduce yourself to the people behind the scenes of these workshops. Ask other models questions who are booking the type of gigs you would like, never be scared to reach out to anyone and ask the worst that could happen is they ignore your message or say no, but always shoot your shot!


Overall the modeling industry isn’t an easy one to get into you have to be determined and believe in yourself. Be prepared to hear a lot no’s your gonna always be not enough for someone too tall, too short, too big, not big enough, but eventually, someone will like you just as you are and want to work with you. The key is also knowing if this is truly the business for you and that takes some real honest conversations with yourself.


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