Orange & Tealish Blue

As 2019 is coming to an end it seems as though this year zoomed by so fast! It’s definitely been one of those years that as my father says, was a “character building year”, because there has been some days where I felt like packing it up and calling it quits for sure. It’s in those moments when I had to dig deep within in myself and realize quitting is never really an option, or at least it’s not for me. I’ve managed to break a few barriers this year and I’m still not exactly where I’d like to be, yet I’m much further from where I started and for me that’s a definite plus. So if you are reading this never give up on yourself, your breakthrough just may be on the other side of your comfort zone……..

Keep shinning!!


Sweater: ASOS

Pants: ASOS

Shoes: Sandrino

Belt: Target





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